Panamaram Kottillam photos

Panamaram Kottillam (heronry) is certainly one of quite exceptional bird sanctuary inside the Wayand district of Kerala. This  incredible bird nests in the tiny island of the Kabani river at the time of rainy season is really a wonderful glimpse.
Panamaram Kottillam
Panamaram Heronry. Source:
The primary sight of this Kottillam is Oriental White Ibis also known as Arival Kokkan in malayalam is a vulnerable group in Indian endangered bird list. Four sides of the island is hemmed in by water. This water body shields Panamaram Kottillam. The cutting of bamboo forests and bird hunters has lowered the total number of nests in Panamaram Kottillam. Perumundi and Cherumundi Kokku are the striking view in this island. This destination is a wonderful location for migrating birds. Migrating birds will arrive at here even if there eyes are sealed.
Panamaram Kottillam
Panamaram Kottillam. Source:
Panamaram Kottillam is a unavoidable place for bird watchers.
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