Sunday, 10 May 2015

Karithode waterfalls

The Karithode waterfalls in the tenth ward of Udumbanchola gram panchayat in Idukki district mesmerises visitors. The falls, less steep when compared to other waterfalls, have three layers which are stretched over an area of more than 350 feet. The top of the falls can be reached easily.

It is a hidden treasure for nature lovers who want to spend time away from the routine life. The area may not offer the best facilities; but there are many regular visitors who choose the spot for its offbeat charm. The stream is in full strength, owing to the monsoon, and local people say that the fall is near full strength for almost seven months. Even during the summer, people visit the place to bathe in the falls.

The Parathode river's name is being changed to Karithode falls, whose beauty lies in its three-layer flow.

Mesmerising: The Karithode water fall near Nedumbkandam in Idukki district:

Karithode water fall near Nedumbkandam in Idukki district:

This water fall is 13 km from Nedumkandam on the Munnar-Thekkady route. Considering its tourism potential, the Nedumkandam gram panchayat had constructed a 10-km-road, though the rest of it is in a not motorable. This does not stop the trekkers who visit the falls.

With the completion of the construction work of the Mavady-Perinchamkutty road, the falls will become a potential tourism spot, says Unni, a local resident.

He said that the residents in the area have submitted a proposal to the panchayat to make a motorable road upto the waterfall. The waterfall could be developed as a stop-over for tourists visiting Munnar and Thekkady.

Though other tourism spots are identified for development, Karithode remains a hidden spot that is not mentioned in the long list of lesser known tourism places in the district.

Earlier, there was a proposal to make it a mini hydropower unit. Though 12 acres of land covering the water fall had been acquired for the project and fenced in 2006, no follow-up action was taken. Once it is developed as a hydropower station, it will become inaccessible to visitors and so, the local people want to keep its natural beauty intact.

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Qoute about Muziris Heritage Site by Morris

"We have no right whatsoever to touch them. They are not ours. They belong partly to those who built them, and partly to all generations of mankind who are to follow us." - Morris

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Panamaram Kottillam photos

Panamaram Kottillam (heronry) is certainly one of quite exceptional bird sanctuary inside the Wayand district of Kerala. This  incredible bird nests in the tiny island of the Kabani river at the time of rainy season is really a wonderful glimpse.
Panamaram Kottillam
Panamaram Heronry. Source:
The primary sight of this Kottillam is Oriental White Ibis also known as Arival Kokkan in malayalam is a vulnerable group in Indian endangered bird list. Four sides of the island is hemmed in by water. This water body shields Panamaram Kottillam. The cutting of bamboo forests and bird hunters has lowered the total number of nests in Panamaram Kottillam. Perumundi and Cherumundi Kokku are the striking view in this island. This destination is a wonderful location for migrating birds. Migrating birds will arrive at here even if there eyes are sealed.
Panamaram Kottillam
Panamaram Kottillam. Source:
Panamaram Kottillam is a unavoidable place for bird watchers.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Veli Tourist Village Photos

Veli Tourist Village is a picnic spot maintained by the tourism department of Kerala. The Veli Lake merge here with the Arabian Sea. The picnic spot offers boating services. Pedal boats, paddle boats or row boats can be rented to discover the beauty of the lagoon in an unhurried way. Speed boats are also available in Tourist Village for hire for a quick ride. Children can enjoy going up over the giant statues that spread around the landscape.

Veli Lake is a distinctive inland lake, divided by a narrow sand bar from the Arabian Sea. It is situated within the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram city. The concourse of the lake with the sea is an attractive picnic spot, known as Veli Tourist Village. The eastern part of the lake hold two incredible hillocks which are great for hiking. Kayaking and hovercraft rides are also possible here for those who like it. The main attraction of tourist village is a floating restaurant in the lake and a floating bridge that links the tourist village with the beach.

Getting here

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 8 km, is the nearest railway station.
Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 3 km

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cheerpu in Canoli Canal

Kettu (Cheerpu) in Canoli Canal near Vattekkad

A barrier crossing was constructed by British in the begining of Canoli Canal. This was called as Kettu or Cheerpu as it was builded to prevent the salt water from Chettuva backwaters flowing into Canoli Canal. The Canoli Canal is the traditional waterway which extends to Chavakkad (Chowghat) town. Earlier this canoli canal was utilised by traders to transport different products for trade from Kollam to Chavakkad with the Kettuvallom (House boat) and small boats. This Cheerpu was rebuilt in year 2000 by the Public Works Department of Kerala. The newly built stairs of water barrier (cheerpu) helps people to cross the canal before the new bridge has came in Moonnamkallu (3rd stone).

Friday, 14 March 2014

Peechi Dam photos

Peechi is a small village located 22 km away from Trichur town in Kerala, India,
The area is famous for its irrigation and drinking water dam and wild life sanctuary.

Kerala Forest Research Institute(KFRI) is also situated near the dam. Peechi dam was constructed primarily to deliver the drinking water requirements of the people of Thrissur town.

Additionaly it also serves as an irrigation dam, supplying to the paddy fields in and around Thrissur. Although there are less visitors on most of the periods of the year, the monsoon season attracts the place with lot of tourists and is a prominent destination on the tourist map, mainly for the beautiful views offered by the open dam shutters of the filled Peechi reservoir.

How to get here

Regular private Buses from Thrissur and taxi is available. Nearest airport is Nedumbasery.

Views in The dam site

Closing and opening of reservoir shutter, wild tuskers and wildlife. Boating is allowed in the reservoir and on lucky days visitors can see wild tuskers on the forested banks of reservoir, part of which is a reserved forest.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Attractions of Udumbanchola

Udumbanchola is the biggest taluk in Kerala. It is a typical instance for what you imagine from the fabulous high range district of Idukki known for its evergreen forests and hills. Udumbanchola lies in the boundary of the two neighboring states - Kerala and Tamil Nadu, even though it entirely belongs to Kerala state. Not unexpectedly, you will find people chatting in both Malayalam and Tamil here.

What makes it exclusive?

Udumbanchola - its water, land, air, and trees- attracts anyone. The spot is very gifted with all natural beauty which in its surrounding elevates your spirit. The vibrant bio-diversity of its landscape perform a vital role in this. Did you know that presently there could be over forty species of native Orchid spotted here?

Attractions of Udumbanchola

Udumbanchola is exceptionally rich in its biodiversity. In fact “‘preservation of biodiversity-rich segments of Udumbanchola taluk” by the Kerala State Biodiversity Board has proven to become a effective design in conserving its priceless ecosystem along with taking attention of the income of its people. Caradamom reserve, a crucial part of Western Ghats, is another instance of the region’s rich biodiversity.

Tourist attractions in and around Udumbanchola:

It is now time to mention about the major tourist destinations in Udumbanchola.

Karithode Waterfalls:  A week end short vacation spot without waterfalls is definitely not an appropriate selection. Do not concern yourself, situated in the 10th ward of Udumbanchola Panchayat is its gorgeous waterfalls namely Karithode waterfalls.  No wonder Udumbanchola attracts many adventure enthusiasts who are interested in trekking.

Mathikettan Shola National Park: Another major tourist attraction is Mathikettan Shola National Park. The park gets its title from the Tamil keyword Mathikettan which means that “mind confuser”. Once you enter the park, it is extremely likely that you forget about the trail thus got this name. The area where national park is currently located had usually been well known as Cardamom hill reserve. In 1897, it was presented the status of Reserve forest by the then government of Travancore. It had been in the year 2003 that the zone was taken over under the single control of the forest department and was proclaimed as a National park.

One of the key interesting features of the park is that the zone comes under the annual migratory path of elephants. Observing herds of elephants in their natural habitat on their migratory trip is a sight really worth watching.

How to reach here:

If you plan to arrive at Udumbanchola you will need to get down at Kottayam railway station. Even though it's the closest railway station, it is about 85 km away from Udumbanchola. The nearby international air ports are at Madurai and Kochi. Since Udumbanchal and its major tourist attractions are situated on Munnar-Kumily highway, you can conveniently take advantage of the frequent local bus services to reach here.

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