Karithode waterfalls

The Karithode waterfalls in the tenth ward of Udumbanchola gram panchayat in Idukki district mesmerises visitors. The falls, less stee...
Karithode waterfalls Karithode waterfalls Reviewed by Zainul on 06:06 Rating: 5
Qoute about Muziris Heritage Site by Morris Qoute about Muziris Heritage Site by Morris Reviewed by Zainul on 06:05 Rating: 5

Panamaram Kottillam photos

Panamaram Kottillam (heronry) is certainly one of quite exceptional bird sanctuary inside the Wayand district of Kerala. This  incredible b...
Panamaram Kottillam photos Panamaram Kottillam photos Reviewed by Zainul on 04:02 Rating: 5

Veli Tourist Village Photos

Veli Tourist Village is a picnic spot maintained by the tourism department of Kerala. The Veli Lake merge here with the Arabian Sea. The ...
Veli Tourist Village Photos Veli Tourist Village Photos Reviewed by Zainul on 06:19 Rating: 5

Cheerpu in Canoli Canal

Kettu (Cheerpu) in Canoli Canal near Vattekkad A barrier crossing was constructed by British in the begining of Canoli Canal. This wa...
Cheerpu in Canoli Canal Cheerpu in Canoli Canal Reviewed by Zainul on 10:39 Rating: 5

Peechi Dam photos

Peechi is a small village located 22 km away from Trichur town in Kerala, India, The area is famous for its irrigation and drinking water da...
Peechi Dam photos Peechi Dam photos Reviewed by Zainul on 03:25 Rating: 5

Attractions of Udumbanchola

Udumbanchola is the biggest taluk in Kerala. It is a typical instance for what you imagine from the fabulous high range district of Idukki ...
Attractions of Udumbanchola Attractions of Udumbanchola Reviewed by Zainul on 03:55 Rating: 5
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