Bekal Fort in Kasaragod

Bekal,synonymous with the Bekal fort is a small town on the coastline of the Arabian sea in kasargod district of kerala. This small town has many options to present for a tourist.Beaches, back waters and forts are the key tourist attractions of this place.

Bekal fort, well-known by Bombay, an Indian movie, brings a lot of visitors mainly because of its clever architecture and its historical relevance. It's been a source of interest for the historians, holiday-makers as well as nature - lovers for many years. Bekal fort was actually constructed in 1650 Ad by Sivappa Nayaka and subsequently was used a number of other rulers as well as powers which include Tippu Sultan and the British Empire. 

Bekal Fort in Kasaragod
Bekal fort now rests in evidence of the wars which had been battled between powerful forces. Perhaps, the particular fort was built to fight invaders from the sea. The water-tank with its trajectory of steps, the tunnel entrance in the direction to the south, the magazine for holding ammunition and the extended steps leading to the Observation Tower, which is a rare trend during the construction of the contemporary structures tend to be some of the wonders and impressive points regarding the fort. The glimpse of the Arabian Sea and the shoreline layered with silver light coming from sunlight is really a invaluable perspective offered by the observation tower of Bekal Fort.

Beach view from the Bekal fort
Beach view from the fort
Bekal beach and Kappil beach which is 5km away from Bekal beach is also another place to sit back and engage in the happiness that one can find in the blue skies, sunlit sands and the silvery waters active with life. The swaying palm trees that line the beach makes it more incredible.
A holiday at Bekal gets more stimulating with the natural benefit of the backwaters that the 'God's own country' boasts about. The back waters at valiaparamba make the vacation at Bekal more romantic and worthwhile. Water sport and house boats are a frequent sight here. Bekal tourism provides a stay at the house boats offers thereby giving its visitors with knowledge of living on water with the best of treatments.

Bekal Fort in Kasaragod

Bekal Fort in Kasaragod

With beaches, rivers and forts Bekal is the best getaway to take a pause from the noise of the monotonous everyday lifestyle.
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