Kabini - the Elephant zone of Wayanad

Kabini is a river that arise inside Wayand district of Kerala, that is actually a a portion of the world legacy of Western Ghats. It subsequently streams eastbound and connects with River Kaveri and afterwards becomes a part of the Bay of Bengal. Kabini runs thru Nagarhole National Park, that normally acknowledged as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. House to a few of the threatened varieties of Western Ghats, Nagarhole National Park is present in the Kerala border of the Karnataka state.

Nagarhole National park was developed right up during 1955 and is labeled after the River Nagarhole whose name in Kannada translates as 'the river of Cobra'. The Park obtained National Park status in 1974, when some reserve forest area of Mysore district was included making the overall section of the National Park to 644sqkm. Afterwards, in 2000, the project was applied to ‘Project Tiger.’

Kabini River

Elephant family in Kabini River banks

River Kabini sets apart the National Parks Nagarhole and Bandipur, and is actually the largest river flowing through the previous. A dam was built on River Kabini in 1974 for watering purposes. Throughout summer season, this particular river is the only resource of water for the National Parks making this area as the prominent living habitat of Indian Elephants during summer. The Khedda, the infamous elephant trapping, was carried out inside this region.

Large areas of forest were submersed while in the construction of the dam leading to the development of a huge lake. As the lake dries out during the course of summer, fresh grass commences sprouting creating a Savannah like terrain in the area. This submerse of forest has been proved to be a advantage in disguise mainly due to the availableness of fresh grass during summer.
Kabini River

Kabini River

Indian Coracle ride in Kabini River

The shores of Kabini are exactly where a nature lover always desired to stay. The spectacular picturesque destination with the tranquil flowing of the stream offers an perfect setting for completing a awesome holiday. Elephant enthusiasts will enjoy the spot as the place delivers them with ample chances of spotting elephant herds, and normally more than one herd at a time. One of the most effective instances of wildlife conservation, Kabini always will continue to be a treasure in the crown of the Tropical Indian forests.
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