Cheerpu in Canoli Canal

Kettu (Cheerpu) in Canoli Canal near Vattekkad

A barrier crossing was constructed by British in the begining of Canoli Canal. This was called as Kettu or Cheerpu as it was builded to prevent the salt water from Chettuva backwaters flowing into Canoli Canal. The Canoli Canal is the traditional waterway which extends to Chavakkad (Chowghat) town. Earlier this canoli canal was utilised by traders to transport different products for trade from Kollam to Chavakkad with the Kettuvallom (House boat) and small boats. This Cheerpu was rebuilt in year 2000 by the Public Works Department of Kerala. The newly built stairs of water barrier (cheerpu) helps people to cross the canal before the new bridge has came in Moonnamkallu (3rd stone).
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