Cascading charm of Karithode waterfalls

The Karithode waterfalls is located is a part of the tenth ward of Udumbanchola gramapanchayat in Idukki district allures visitors. The falls, less vertical when comparing other waterfalls, have three levels that are stretched across an area of a lot more than 350 feet. The top of the falls can be reached effortlessly.
It is a concealed treasure for nature enthusiasts who wish to spend some time away from the regular everyday life. The spot probably won't provide the preferred facilities; but there are some routine site visitors who choose the spot for its offbeat attraction.

The stream is in complete force, owing to the monsoon, and local people say that the fall is close to full force for nearly seven months. Even throughout the summer, people pay a visit to the location to have a bath in the falls. The Parathode river's name is being transformed to Karithode falls, whose charm lies in its three-layer flow.
Karithode waterfalls near Nedumkandam in Idukki district
Karithode waterfalls near Nedumkandam in Idukki district
This water fall is 13 km from Nedumkandam on the Munnar-Thekkady road. Looking at its tourism possibilities, the Nedumkandam grama panchayat had built a 10-km-road, even though the remainder of it is not in good condition for a car drive. This does not prevent the trekkers who visit the falls.
With the finalization of the development work of the Mavady-Perinchamkutty roads, the Karithode waterfalls had become a potential tourism destination.

The residents in the area have presented a proposal to the panchayat to make a good road up to the waterfall. The waterfall could possibly be designed as a stop over for holidaymakers visiting Munnar and Thekkady.

Cascading charm of Karithode waterfalls

Though other tourism spots are recognized for development, Karithode continues to be a undetectable destination that is not pointed out in the long list of lesser known tourism spots in the district.

Earlier, there was a suggestion to make it a mini hydro power unit. Though twelve acres of land covering the water fall had been secured for the project and fenced in 2006, but no follow up action was made. When it is developed as a hydro power station, it will become unreachable to visitors and so, the local people desire to keep it as a natural beauty undamaged.
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