14 Districts of Kerala

Thenmala Dam For administrative purposes the State is divided into 14 revenue districts: Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathan...
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Thrissur District

Kole Padam in Thrissur The cultural capital of Kerala,  Thrissur is the abbreviated anglicized form of the Malayalam word "Thrissi...
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Kollam District

Kollam, called Quilon by the Europeans, was an ancient port on the west coast. It flourished as a trading centre even in prechristian ce...
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Thiruvananthapuram District

Kowdiar Palace Thiruvananthapuram district  is considered as the most salubrious  segment of Kerala, the  ‘Gods Own Country.  Proximit...
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Pathanamthitta District

Pathanamthitta is the smallest district of Kerala. The name Pathanamthitta is derived from two Malayalam words Pathanam” and “thitta”, wh...
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Kottayam District

The town of Kottayam is located in central Kerala and it is also the administrative capital of Kottayam district. Bordered by the lofty and...
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Ernakulam District

Ernakulam district is situated almost at the middle of Kerala State and on the coast of the Arabian Sea. It has the credit of being the...
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Malappuram district is Kerala's Cultural Crucible.The classic medieval center of Vedic learning and politics, Thirunavaya, home of the...
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Palakkad District

Palakkad is rightfully known as the Gateway of Kerala, giving the rest of India access to the State. For quite sometime the district was...
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Alappuzha District

Alappuzha is a veritable maze of bridges and canals, the presence of which has given it the appellation the "Venice of the East"...
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Idukki District

Idukki Dam Idukki means a place with a deep gorge. River Periyar flowed through a canyon between two rocky mountains named Kurava mala ...
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