Pathanamthitta District

Pathanamthitta is the smallest district of Kerala. The name Pathanamthitta is derived from two Malayalam words Pathanam” and “thitta”, which together mean "array of ten "family" houses by the riverside". The life of the people of the district and their cultural activities were shaped and influenced by the river Pampa. The congregation of the followers of the Orthodox Church at Maramon and that of Hindus at Cherukolpuzha on the sandy bed of Pampa every year are turned into occasions for learning lessons of human emanicipation and brotherhood.

It is the pilgrim center of Kerala, renowned for the shrine of Lord Ayappa in the Sabari Hills, drawing millions of devotees from near and far off places. The story of life of Lord Ayyappa which has the imprint of the cultural and spiritual aspiration of the people of Pampa Valley is itself an epitome of the inter religious brotherhood a la the Lord's divine bond wirh Vavar. The Ayyappa pilgrimage creates an ethos not only for Kerala but the whole country.

The district also is known as a center for experiencing and learning some of the cultural as well as traditional practices of Kerala. Today Pathanamthitta district has emerged as an important hub of professional education in the State. Kollam, Kottayam and Alappuzha form the adjoining districts of Pathanamthitta.The district is frequented by visitors from India and abroad often for its water fiestas, religious shrines and the cultural training centre.
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