Athirapally Falls - The Niagara Falls of India

The extraordinary, 80-feet tall and 330-feet wide, Athirapally falls in Kerala have actually obtained the identify of being the Niagara Falls of India. Situated around the Chalakudy River and Sholayar Ranges, Athirapally waterfalls have been enticing its visitors.

The Athirapally falls be a part of the Chalakudy river after plunging down 80 ft. The cool sprinkle that covers a significant area near the falls makes Athirapally a panoramic location. The stunning Vazhachal waterfall is nearby and adjacent to thick green forests and is a portion of the Chalakudy river.

The entire experience of touring to these falls is fascinating. Ornamented with palms and coconut trees, you will do not get exhausted of the natural beauty of greens in Kerala while cruising on the road towards Athirapally falls. There is also a trek of 2 kms to reach the waterfall.

Athirapally Falls in Kerala

And the moment you are there, you really receive the response to what made Mani Ratnam (the famous Bollywood film director) pick this place as a shooting location for the films like Dil Se (the song “Jiya Jale” was recorded here) and Guru (Aishwarya played here for “Barso Re Megha“)! The roaring noise of these falls, mist over the dashing water and the natural and organic beauty all around will surely grab your heart away.
Athirapally Falls in Kerala

Athirapally Falls are splendid and magical. Complete your Kerala holiday by enjoying this place. You will also get some suitable resorts nearby. Monsoons add to the attraction of these falls. However, trekking to the spot during monsoon season is actually high risk. You might also find some local fishermen capturing fish and even kids dive into the river water even though swimming is not advisable throughout rainy season.

The complete experience is even hard to narrate, just go around and experience the wonders of Athirapally!

Quick tips:

  • Wear a secure pair of sport shoes as you will have to trek.
  • The elderly might find it really difficult to navigate.
  • Even though the views are better in the monsoons, but as trekking then becomes hard, i suggest you go there in summers and springs.
  • Plastic bags, liquor and smoking are strictly not allowed in the area.
  • The sunset views of this waterfall is much better.

Entry Charges: Rs 15 per head (adults)


Ticket issue: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Visiting time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Nearby Attractions:

Charpa Waterfalls
Vazachal Waterfalls
Sholayar Dam
Anakayam and Malakkapara Eco-Tourism areas

Getting there

By rail: Thrissur (Major station) about 63 km, Chalakudi Railway Station (a small station) is also nearby.
By air: Cochin International Airport, about 58 km from Thrissur, is the nearest airport.
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