Kerala Backwaters

Andhakaranazhi Beach
Andhakaranazhi Beach
The land of green and serene Kerala offers an extraordinary series of backwaters . The places are truly prodigious cellars the best of nature. The wonderful sun set , the growth of the moonlight , groups of ducks , palms breathtaking , miraculous and waves make the backwater destinations in the kaleidoscopic Kerala are the most popular among tourists.

The backwaters were a different way of traveling in the past. The total experience of the green and serene backwaters of Kerala is incomparable and incredible. There is no better way to experience life.

Your odisi in the backwaters of the singers include fishing birds , cormorants and ducks gliding on the water. The coasts of Kerala are marked with delicious backwater destinations . The " Venice of the East 'ie Alappuzha with its lovely lakes , lagoons and rivers with fresh water will not fail to impress. The capital city of Thiruvanthapuram on the one hand is a major center of tourism, politics and industry while its relaxing beaches and narrow backwaters make it a paradise. About Thiruvanthapuram , Thiruvallam backwaters is a good destination for a day .

Located on Lake Vembanad , Kumarakom backwaters is another alternative where you can do boating , fishing with many accurate views . Along with the fascinating backwaters are Kumarakom Kottayam with paddy fields, rubber plantations and hills. It is known as the land of letters, latex and lakes. The spectacular Kollam town is like a gateway to the backwaters of Kerala.

The rich stopped Revealing the south

Backwaters cruises that travel close the circle south of India take you through circulating sea revealing multicolored culture and customs of Indian rural life . The magic of the mystical backwaters enchants everyone. Although the year is good for travel to Kerela , October to March is the best time to go cruising .

On his return to his home in the backwaters of Kerala do not forget to shop for the best deals offered by the region , including souvenir as delicately inlaid wooden elephants , crafts and metal products , products ran, sandalwood , brass and wood , shells , paintings and masks.

Destinations in the backwaters of Kerala
The land of green and serene Kerala offers an impressive range of backwaters in Kerala. The beautiful destinations are a veritable storehouse of nature . The splendid sunsets , the moon waning, flocks of birds, the noble palms and sleepers sea waves make the backwater destinations the most sought after Kerala kaleidoscope.

The backwaters of Alappuzha
The haunting Alappuzha with its lovely lakes and natural water rivers will not fail to impress . The extremely wonderful Venice of the East has much more to bull boats, beaches, marine products industry and coir breakers . Alappuzha is home to a variety of animals and birds. The trip takes half an hour in to the nearby island of Pathiramanal reveals a wide range of migratory birds come from around the world .
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Cochin Backwaters
And then there are the great Cochin or Kochi with a lovely combination of picturesque islands as Bolgatty , Vypeen , Gundu and Vallarpadam . Memories of Chinese travelers and traders , Arabs, Portuguese and Dutch are ubiquitous here . Peace and friendly atmosphere make the vivacious destination fulfills the meaning of his name is the Queen of the Arabian Sea . The Backwaters of Cochinrecuerdos beautiful rustic life and the beautiful greens of Cochin will refresh repeatedly even after the end of the trip.

Thiruvananthapuram Backwaters

This capital city of the kaleidoscopic Kerala is a perfect place for tourists . Due to the softening coastline , beautiful beaches and backwaters lines , Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most visited places among which are famous for its backwaters in Kerala. The sacred city of the serpent encourages tourists especially during the Onam festival marking the harvest.

The backwaters of Thiruvallam

The extraordinary expansion and serene backwaters Thiruvallam is very near Thiruvananthapuram . A day trip is very interesting . The trip by boat is very popular among tourists. You can also enjoyed water sports in the lagoon and go from the village to the beach using the floating bridge in the park.

The backwaters of Kumarakom

With its unparalleled opportunities boating , fishing , and traveling, Kumarakon found in the Vembanad Lake is a picturesque place to spend the summer in the backwaters of Kerala. The rich green and rural life make an interesting combination with the beautiful sanctuary of Kumarakom. Perhaps you could travel on a cruise to watch the birds found there. What an interesting way to spend the summer with cuckoos , chapuces , and Siberian storks . Kumarakom is just not a perfect place but also is a picturesque village.

The backwaters of Kottayam

They are very close to Kumarakom among rice fields , rubber plantations and highlands . Kottayam is known as the land of lakes and latex. All the inhabitants of this place are educated and there is also the land of letters. We live in agricultural production that have an easy out .
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